Savory Catering

How we do business, with an eye on community


Established 2000


Trans-Fat Free Kitchen

Savory utilizes Canola & Olive Oil for cooking and dressings

First Green Restaurant in Dallas

Certified by Green Restaurant Association as Dallas First Green Restaurant

Green Business Award - Dallas

Two time winner of Mayors' Dallas Green Business Award

Quick Fire Cooking

Most recipes are created to be cooked day of event for best possible flavor & presentation. Unless utilize slow cooking methods


Savory & Associated companies recycle over 20,000 pounds of glass, plastic and cardboard monthly

Our Food Our Way

Facts about our ingredients & food we utilize and prepare


Nitrate & Hormone Free


Certified Hereford Beef - always hormone, nitrate and antibiotic free, grass fed


All natural product hormone free.  All eggs are cage free.


Always have been purchased based on our own guidelines of only line caught, farm raise or certified sustainable fisheries - sourced from Monterrey Bay Aquarium & World Wild Life Fund - since 2000


All milk products are 100% hormone free


All breads are made from 100% whole wheat flour, bromide free

Other Product Facts


All dressings are made in house (except Ranch!!!)

Canned Foods

Utilizing only canned foods that have naturally occurring citric acid as a preservative. Some of recipes are better with canned, or natural, preserved items (i.e. Tomatoes)


Soups are always made with home made broths & stocks - made in house daily.


  • Crystal Creek Meat Company
  • Freshpoint Produce
  • Walnut Creek Farms
  • BrothersProduce
  • Oak Farms Dairy
  • Village Bakery

All nutritional values are estimates based on various sources including, but not limited to the USDA database.  All values are based on portion controlled platings.