Work at a Desk All Day? How to Add Healthy Habits to the Daily Grind

healthy working at desk .jpg

There is a reason that pedometers are so popular and that Apple Watches help us achieve movement goals throughout the day. Movement is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be hard to support when your job requires you to sit all day long. Here are a few ways you can support your fitness goals and add healthy habits to the daily grind:


Stand Up

Have you seen those standing desks? They are actually great for keeping you active during the day! In fact, some studies show that they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by being less sedentary and also aids in flexibility by keeping your legs loose and stretched. 


Use a Stability Ball

If you prefer to sit, then consider substituting your desk chair for a stability ball. Stability balls force your core muscles to activate, and they also support better posture. Working muscles while sitting?! We’re in!


Make Excuses to Be Active

Whether you work in an office or from home, find reasons you need to walk somewhere. Take the stairs to a meeting on another floor instead of the elevator. While around the block to grab lunch. If you work from home, take 20 minutes out of your lunch hour to walk the dog or just get some fresh air. Any amount of activity can go a long way to supporting a healthy lifestyle.


Pencil in Your Workout

If you don’t add it to your calendar, it may never get done. Be sure to pencil in your workout times at least 3 days a week, and honor yourself by making those commitments a reality. Don’t blow them off because you don’t feel like it; you’ll be glad you did it in the long run! This can be as simple as spending time at the gym during your lunch break or getting up early to do an at-home workout before leaving for work.