How to Pack Healthier Lunches this Week

healthy lunch.jpg

Are you in a lunch rut? 


Sick of driving through the same fast food restaurants, only to get food that is mildly satisfying and laden in calories?


You aren’t alone. Millions of Americans wish they could eat better at lunch, and we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be hard! Here are a few simple tips on how to pack healthier lunches this week:


Move Leftovers Straight to Lunch Boxes


As your cleaning up the dinner dishes, simply pull out a lunch container and move part of the leftovers straight into that container. (Add a few extra fresh veggies and fruit while you’re at it.) Easy breezy lunch for tomorrow; just heat and serve!


Focus on Health


Remember that homemade lunches are generally healthier than picking something up last minute, and those health benefits are huge! Remind yourself that you’re packing lunches to make way for a healthier lifestyle and make it all about the bigger picture. 


Pack What You’ll Eat


It does no good to pack a lunch full of healthy fruits and veggies or a salad if you aren’t going to eat it! Make sure that your packed lunch is both healthy – and satisfying. This could mean a casserole loaded with veggies or a soup in the winter. 


Repurpose Leftovers


Leftover grilled chicken, taco meat, etc. are great staples for a healthy lunch the next day. Nearly any leftover veggies and protein can be turned into a unique and tasty salad.


Make Your Meals Ahead of Time


Pinterest is full of tutorials and tips on how to meal prep for lunches one day of the week – then have healthy meals all week long! You are much more likely to take your lunch everyday if it’s already prepared for you. 


What are your health eating tips? Cheers to packing healthy lunches this week!