Everything You Need to Know about Cooking with Jalapeños


In Texas, we sure love jalapeños. We love the spice that comes with each bite, kicking our favorite Tex-Mex and Southern dishes up a notch. 

If you’ve ever been nervous to attempt cooking with jalapenos, you’re not alone. That’s why Savory Catering is here with everything you need to know about cooking with jalapenos:


How Do I Manage the Heat of Jalapeno Peppers?

Many people are told the heat from jalapeno peppers comes from the seeds, but this isn’t entirely accurate. The membranes and inner parts of the pepper are actually what contains the most heat, so if you’re looking to cut some heat, cut out the entire inside of the pepper – not just the seeds.

How Hot are Jalapenos Compared to Other Hot Peppers?

Can you substitute other hot peppers for jalapenos? Sure. But you’re likely looking at a hotter pepper. As a general rule, the smaller the hot pepper, the more heat it packs. Jalapenos are considered the mildest hot pepper.

What is the Best Way to Store Jalapeno Peppers?

Store fresh jalapeno peppers in the refrigerator, and they should last at least 7 days. They can also be frozen very easily and used for recipes that required cooked jalapenos (they aren’t good to use fresh after freezing.) Simply chop the jalapenos and place in a freezer bag, then add whatever amount needed your recipes in the future. 

How do I Avoid Burning My Hands From Cutting Jalapeno Peppers?

You’ll do this once and then never again! Jalapenos have an oil in their skins containing capsaicin that is great in foods – but not on your hands! To avoid burning your hands from cutting peppers, always wear gloves. 

My Hands are Burning from Jalapeño Peppers. Now what?! 

If you’re already made the mistake of cutting the peppers without gloves, then you can try to dissolve the oils by using dish soap, alcohol, or olive oil.