Kitchen Hacks: 5 Ways to Help your Produce Last Longer

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Tis the season of fresh fruit and veggies a’plenty at the grocery store, farmers markets, and backyard gardens. And because there is so much great, fresh produce in season right now, it can be tempting to over buy and then let your fruits and vegetables spoil. 

While we can’t help you with your purchasing decisions, we can help you extend the life of that fresh produce with a few simple kitchen storage hacks:

Wash and Dry Berries for Storage

When you get home from the store, immediately take your delicate berries out of their containers and wash with cold water. From there, spread them over a paper towel in a shallow bowl or container for refrigerator storage. Berries don’t do well when moisture is involved, and cleaning and allowing them to breathe will extend their life.

Keep Ethylene Producers Separated

Some produce emits ethylene gas; others react to it. Bananas, avocados, melons, kiwis, mangos, nectarines, tomatoes, plums, and pears are all examples of produce that emit ethylene gas, a gas that essentially speeds up the ripening process. Be aware of this and keep these fruits and vegetables separate from others that may be sensitive to ethylene, like leafy greens and apples.

Leave Mushrooms Until Time to Eat

Mushrooms don’t like to be washed until right before they are consumed, so your best bet is to leave them in their original storage container until you are ready to use them.

Put Peppers in a Paper Bag

Want to keep your peppers crisp and fresh longer? Then put them into the refrigerator in a paper bag. You’ll be amazed how long they will last. 

Wrap Celery in Aluminum Foil

Celery is one of those ethylene-emitting vegetables that can ripen too quickly and become soft and spoiled before you’re ready to use it. Instead, seal it in aluminum foil – then store it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. It should extend the life of your celery to 3-4 weeks.