Blender Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

blender hacks.jpg

Sometimes we avoid using our blenders because they can be cumbersome – amiright?!


We don’t want to clean it…it’s clunky…it makes too much noise…etc. Well here are a few hacks we found that are might just make you dust off your blender and start using it again! 


Is Your Blender Loud? Use a Towel to Muffle the Noise!

Ever felt like you couldn’t use your blender for a morning smoothie because it’s going to wake everyone in the house? Sure, most blenders are loud, but if you put a dish towel underneath the blender, it will make it a little quieter. A silicone mat will also work for this. Try it and be impressed.


Tired of Cleaning Your Blender? It Can Clean Itself!

Blenders can be pretty handy for chopping and pureeing, but sometimes we don’t even want to use it because washing it is such a chore. Here’s an idea – let the blender clean itself! When you’re done using it, simply put warm water and a dash of dish soap in the blender and voila! The blender is clean! 


Just Want to Blend a Little? Attach a Mason Jar!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: standard sized mason jars will fit on most blender fittings. So the next time you want a personal sized smoothie, simply unscrew the large blender and add on a mason jar instead. Unscrew, and you’re ready to enjoy! 


Want to Add Fresh Whipped Cream to Your Coffee or Dessert? Whip it up in your Blender!

Here’s a fun one: your blender can actually produce delicious, homemade whipped cream in a matter of minutes. Simply add 1 cup heavy cream, 4 T. powdered sugar, and a dash of vanilla. Blend until creamy and you’re done.  


We hope these tips help you to dust off that blender and begin using it again! It’s great for daily smoothies, blending hearty homemade soups, and more.